prideinthefall: ([sleep] bodies at rest)
Sephiroth ([personal profile] prideinthefall) wrote 2013-07-05 03:21 pm (UTC)

First, thank you so much for asking! As far as fourthwalling I really mean more of people going 'hey I played a video game with you in it!' For AU Seph, I'm perfectly fine with people knowing about canon and broaching it with him. He'll be confused and probably a bit suspicious at first, but honestly he'd want to know all about it since he knows the possibility of Jenova gaining control of him exists and he'd rather not have that happen. Plus if he gets canon castmates, he'll have to deal with that anyway.

Also he might - if the conversation goes tragically wrong - get hostile about it, BUT barring any actual physical threat/extenuating circumstances, he wouldn't get physically violent.

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