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Sephiroth | The Far Shore | Application

Player Information

Name: Kate
Contact: plurk: twilightlament
Age: 30s
Other Characters: N/A

Character Information

Name: Sephiroth
Canon: Final Fantasy VII Compilation
Canon Point: Post Advent Children
Age: Never given in canon. He was probably mid-twenties the first time he died. So let's say 25.
History: Wiki Link

In the original game, Cloud and others describe Sephiroth as cold, aloof, powerful, and intelligent. Their perceptions paint a picture of a man who, in terms of power and battle prowess, had no equal and a man who had no close relations with anyone else. Sephiroth was ShinRa's great war hero and he seemed equally respected and feared. Crisis Core gave a greater look at the man before the insanity.

Though still quiet, and taciturn, Sephiroth's demeanor was that of the professional Soldier 1st Class that he was raised and trained to be. He spoke calmly, rarely displaying emotion except around those closest to him or in moments when he was caught off guard. Sephiroth didn't invite familiarity but he did shun it either; it simply took time for him to 'warm up' to other people as illustrated in his friendship with Zack Fair through the course of the game.

In the beginning, he regarded Zack coolly, speaking to him only when necessary and sometimes with annoyance at Zack's presumptions. As events threw them together more often and as the years passed, Sephiroth developed enough comfort to speak of Zack of more private matters: his relationships with Genesis and Angeal and telling Zack that he might very well leave ShinRa. He even went so far as to conspire with Zack for the purpose of failing to kill Genesis and Angeal despite orders to the contrary.

Then, on the mission at Nibelheim, everything changed.

Upon discovering what he thought was the truth of his origins, Sephiroth began to breakdown in spectacular fashion. The confident Soldier, 1st Class stared at his own hands and questioned just what he was. He seemed horrified by the possibilities and that horror turned to anger when Genesis called him 'the perfect monster'. Repudiating his friend - the very man Sephiroth had been trying to save - he told Genesis that Sephiroth would leave him to rot no matter the truth.

Sephiroth then locked himself in the basement of the ShinRa mansion in Nibelheim. During that week of seclusion, disbelief and horror turned into burning anger at the world, at everything. Sephiroth, under the belief that his Mother - Jenova - was an Ancient, deemed all of humanity to be betrayers and therefore only deserving of death. Instead of dealing with the horrific possibility that he was a monster, Sephiroth decided to become a god. He would cleanse the world of human vermin and fashion the world into one of his choosing.

Though killed by Cloud in Nibleheim, death only gave Sephiroth a detour. Possessed of an indomitable will and a thorough hatred of Cloud, Sephiroth used those two things to conquer death. This was a feat he would manage more than once and always with the purpose of destroying the world in order to achieve what he considered his rightful stature as a god.

Sephiroth, as he existed before Nibelheim, seemed to be gone and this new Sephiroth bore none of his previous empathy or compassion. With an absolute and unwavering world view, he pursued his goals with both cruelty and intelligence. Through his manipulations of Cloud, Sephiroth used the other man to retrieve the Black Materia. He killed Aerith in the ancient city to eliminate her as a potential threat while forcing Cloud and the others to watch.

However, an overabundance of ego foiled him every time. While he did display arrogance prior to Nibleheim, it grew beyond all reason once he decided he really was better than everyone else. For this reason, Sephiroth had a tendency to underestimate his opponents and to toy with them instead of outright killing them.

In summary, coldness, cruelty, and arrogance predominantly define Sephiroth after the events of Nibelheim. He has shed entirely his life before, believes himself to be destined for godhood, and sees humans specifically as traitors. Pride often blinds him to the strength of others and he often fails to acknowledge anyone if they have not earned his ire.


Jenova/Mako Enhancement - Sephiroth is a genetically modified human created by the use of Jenova cells on his mother. Jenova, in Final Fantasy VII, was an alien being who crash-landed on the planet and nearly wiped out all life. Its cells were used in a multitude of human experiments in combination with Mako - a liquid energy distilled from the planet's Lifestream. Sephiroth was the most successful of those experiments.

» Physical Enhancements - Sephiroth's speed/strength/agility/reflexes/senses/etc. far exceeds that of normal humans. He is also more durable.

» Flight/Gliding/Floating - Sephiroth possesses a single black wing that he can summon or dismiss at will though he doesn't need it to fly or glide.

» Telepathy/Mind Control - This ability only works with those that share Sephiroth's blood and in game it would only be used with the other player's permission.

» Magic - Sephiroth can cast magic without the use of materia. I plan to keep this to simpler magic such as fire, ice, barrier, restore, and haste. He also has the ability to summon the Masamune.

Intelligence -Sephiroth is described more than once in the series as being highly intelligent.

Fighting and Swordsmanship - Sephiroth is the model on which the Soldier program, ShinRa's elite military force, was created. He was trained in warfare and sword fighting from a young and, in canon, it was said that no one was his equal. All Soldier's are designed to be 'one man armies' and for Sephiroth that was doubly true.

Strengths: Skilled, intelligent, logical, resolute, and competent

Weaknesses: Arrogant, cruel, dismissive, fanatical, and uncompromising

God/Shinki: Shinki

Why?: While Sephiroth is powerful, capable, and ambitious enough to want godhood, he's a terrible choice for it. Lacking any discernible compassion or empathy, he would entirely pursue his own wants no matter how destructive they might be. While making him a shinki will not make him any better of a person, losing his memories would temper some of his prime motivations. His hatred of Cloud specifically was a big factor for Sephiroth's self-resurrection and knowing his origins is what originally set him on a quest to godhood. Sephiroth also excelled as a 1st Class Soldier; he was simply the best. Having lived the majority of his life following other people's orders, he's quite capable of doing so. Well, he can if he thinks the god he serves is worth it and that will be the true challenge. A god that manages to earn Sephiroth's respect will get Sephiroth's best (and even that may be a double-edged sword) while a god who does not earn it may go unacknowledged or worse.

Cause Of Death: After resurrecting himself for the second time, Sephiroth once again attempts to torture Cloud and murder the world. During their final fight, Cloud unleashes his ultimate attack and catches Sephiroth off guard. The attack does enough damage to Sephiroth's new body to cause it to degrade. Yet he remains arrogant as always. Before he vanishes entirely, Sephiroth tells Cloud "I will never be a memory".

Vessel: An ōdachi sword that looks similar to Sephiroth's Masamune. The guard is flat and circular in the form of twisted tree branches and a silver tassel hangs from the black leather wrapped grip. The blade itself measures nearly five feet in length and appears to be made from a black metal.

Name Location: The inside of his left forearm.

Power: Enhanced Martial Skills - Upon taking up the ōdachi Sephiroth becomes, one terrible truth asserts itself. The blade is not fashioned by some unknown metal, but by the incredible hatred and implacable will Sephiroth possesses. To his god, the sword grants Sephiroth's tactical acumen, knowledge of wielding the Masamune, superior physical strength/endurance and calm calculation. It is also capable of creating an arc of energy that flows from the blade and travels based on the sword's initial movement. However, that power comes with a price. The longer the sword is in use, the more a dark, creeping sense of hatred will encroach upon its user, necessitating an equally strong will to combat.

Writing Sample


Sephiroth stands upon a building, watching the lights of the surrounding area flicker on, then off again. He doesn't particularly care when the panicked shrieks rise up from open windows or when people mill about on the street and talk in aggravated tones about how inconvenient the loss of power is to them.

"I have a cake in the oven!"

"I was in the middle of my favorite show!"

The inane complaints ripple up to him like stagnant water back flooding a faulty toilet with, to his mind, the same level of unpleasantness. All of this inanity and wailing over a simple weather problem that will likely pass in matter of minutes - how absurd. He's tempted to leave these foolish humans to their caterwauling, but his god has sent him here to answer the prayers of lesser creatures.

A thin, cruel smile plays on his lips as he considers redirecting the lighting. Some of those prayers were, after all, woefully non-specific. He could 'make the lightning stop' by sending those glorious, powerful streaks coursing through the sky into the bodies of those below. Being suddenly dead would mean that the lightning had stopped from a certain perspective and death seems a far more fitting end for beings barely above the level of insect and who couldn't endure such a small problem.

However, that is it not what his god instructed and despite his feelings otherwise, Sephiroth will fulfill the wishes of the one he serves. The problem takes less than a half hour to fix and he erects a barrier over the transformer that had blown to keep the lightning from striking it again.

Some people cheer and others complain that it 'took too long'. Ungrateful cretins, all of them. Anger fills him, but the emotion does not burn hot. Instead, it is cold and implacable and filled with the want to sweep this street and every building clean of the foul, little fools. They do not deserve Sephiroth's attention and most certainly not the attention of his god. If anything they deserve only brutal punishment for their lack of respect.

There is no rain in the clouds above. Fire would be easy to call down upon them in purifying destruction. The action is one he'll not take for it would go against the wishes of his god. Yet he'll entertain it and let the sweet justice of the image settle around him until his anger calms. Opening his eyes again he sees the now empty streets. Dismissing this entire situation from his mind, Sephiroth leaps into the night sky with the intention to returning home.


Anything Else?:

If Zack Fair (journal: bustered) apps and gets into the game, I'd like Sephiroth to be Zack's shinki.

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