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Permissions | The Far Shore

CHARACTER SERIES: Final Fantasy VII Series


Backtagging: Love 'em
Threadhopping: As long as the thread isn't private or closed.
Fourthwalling: Not a huge fan of fourthwalling with him.
Offensive subjects (elaborate): R/P wise, I don't have anything that I consider off limits and Sephiroth himself can be a pretty offensive character. However, if a thread goes into territory that bothers me enough to not want to continue it, I will contact you.


Hugging this character: OOCly, I don't care if attempted. ICly, Sephiroth will react swiftly and probably violently.
Kissing this character: Same as above.
Flirting with this character: Sure. He either won't notice or will probably be a jerk about it if he does notice.
Fighting with this character: Sure! It's what he was born to do. But let's talk a bit first since Sephiroth is the 'go for the throat' type.
Injuring this character (include limits and severity):Sure. Anything resulting in limb loss and up, let's talk about.
Killing this character: I am not opposed to it, but I'd like any deaths to have some impact. So let's talk.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Sure, we can talk about the details.

Warnings: At this canon point, Sephiroth is incredibly egotistical and dismissive. Chances are he's going to be a major jerk until (should it ever happen) that he chills out some. Thankfully, he's not all world endy due to the lack of memories, but that might be a small blessing.

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