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Shinki Information | The Far Shore

CHARACTER: Sephiroth
CANON:FFVII Compilation
VESSEL NAME: Akuiki 悪意 (Malice)

VESSEL FORM:An ōdachi sword that looks similar to Sephiroth's Masamune. The guard is flat and circular in the form of twisted tree branches and a silver tassel hangs from the black leather wrapped grip. The blade itself measures nearly five feet in length and appears to be made from a black metal.

POWER: Enhanced Martial Skills - Upon taking up the ōdachi Sephiroth becomes, one terrible truth asserts itself. The blade is not fashioned by some unknown metal, but by the incredible hatred and implacable will Sephiroth possesses. To his god, the sword grants Sephiroth's tactical acumen, knowledge of wielding the Masamune, superior physical strength/endurance and calm calculation. It is also capable of creating an arc of energy that flows from the blade and travels based on the sword's initial movement. However, that power comes with a price. The longer the sword is in use, the more a dark, creeping sense of hatred will encroach upon its user, necessitating an equally strong will to combat.

GOD: Zack Fair/Hephaestus


CAUSE OF DEATH: After resurrecting himself for the second time, Sephiroth once again attempts to torture Cloud and murder the world. During their final fight, Cloud unleashes his ultimate attack and catches Sephiroth off guard. The attack does enough damage to Sephiroth's new body to cause it to degrade. Yet he remains arrogant as always. Before he vanishes entirely, Sephiroth tells Cloud "I will never be a memory".