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Permissions/Character Info


Backtagging: Doesn't bother me at all! I will backtag to infinity. And please if it seems like I've dropped a thread and you want to keep going, send me a virtual smack.

Threadhopping: Probably doesn't bother me. Just give me a heads up.

Fourthwalling: This will more than likely be dictated by game rules. I don't really care one way or other. However in games that allow fourthwalling, BUT any other castmates DO NOT, then it won't be allowed for Sephiroth at all. Otherwise send me a note and we'll figure it out.

Offensive subjects: I have none really when it comes to r/p. But please let me know if you do.


Entering his personal space/touching him: I'm fine with it, but he is certainly not. His response may vary from a withering look to violence. That violence can range from breaking the hand that touches him to breaking the person that touches him. If he initiates contact, reciprocation has a chance of being better received, but he's pretty much a 'touch-me-not' and enforces it. If he's allowed someone into his 'space' before then he likely will again, same goes for at least friendly gestures, but could still be a bit risky depending on CR level.

Flirting with this character: Sure. Reactions may vary from none/ignoring to something almost like flirting back.

Fighting with this character: Yep, though he will fight back. Canonically Sephiroth is the strongest and most adept fighter in FFVII. Genetically engineered by Shinra, Hojo specifically, Sephiroth is naturally above humans in basic abilities (speed, strength, etc.). Wielding a sword that's as long (and in some media longer) than he is tall, Sephiroth is an incredibly skilled swordsman as well as being Mako enhanced and able to wield materia (magic). While he might not necessarily go for the kill, he will aim for the defeat of his opponent. So if you have concerns, just lemme know.

Injuring this character: I'm okay with this. Anything at limb loss and over that we probably need to talk about.

Torturing/Raping this character: We can talk about it.

Killing this character: We can always chat about it. However Seph is not only hard to kill, but doesn't like to stay dead.

Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Go for it. Depending on his canon point, this could get interesting. However a note of warning. Seph was raised and used as an experiment pretty much his entire life so this could result in some pretty disturbing themes/imagery. Please let me know if that will be an issue.

Warnings: Depending on which version (mainly the crazy one) he can be a world class jerk, incredibly violent, and entirely vicious.
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Ami knew a Sephiroth in her former game, one who had not yet hit the crazy of Nibelheim but heard about it from his castmates and was trying to avoid it. So she sort of knows a bit about his change herself. She also knew Cloud and Reno quite well as close CR, and briefly Tifa.

So I guess pretty much: How are you on what you'd rather she did or didn't know or remember about Sephiroth, since you mentioned fourth walling was depending on circumstances?